38 minutes | Apr 27th 2020

Why Money is Not Bad and How to Earn What You Worth with Michelle Lynne | #155

Ep #155: To sell something for $100 is easy, but then the higher the price you offer the more uncomfortable you feel and also some people are concerned about earning a lot.

Let’s get into that money myths and see how you can increase your prices and earn what you really want.

In this episode, Michelle Lynne shares why money is not bad and how to earn what you worth.

Michelle is the owner of ML Interiors Group, a successful design firm based in Dallas, Texas. She is also the owner and founder of Designed for the Creative MindTM, where she teaches interior designers and decorators the proven practices, effective processes, and profitable systems -- leaving them with more time to design.

You will learn:

  • Michelle worked in a corporate environment when that company was sold so she decided to start her own business
  • Michelle’s struggled with valuing herself when she just started her business and almost didn’t make any money in the beginning
  • How she shifted from treating business like a hobby to actually like a business
  • Why money is not a bad thing
  • The more money you have the more money you can serve and the more impact you can have
  • How to change the attitude towards money and start charging what you worth
  • Do you really need a conference to charge more right away? Or there is a way to manage your ability to charge more and confidence
  • How to know what to charge and feel confident with it
  • How to analyze a year of your work to increase the revenue and effectiveness of your business
  • Write everything you do within a project and start putting that into the systems

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