43 minutes | Mar 9th 2020

The Secret of Growing a Business using Joint Ventures with Dov Gordon | #148

Ep #148: Dov Gordon shares the secret of growing your business using joint ventures.

You will know, what kind of joint venture partners to look for, how to create a network of joint venture partners so you could regularly help each other, and what projects you can work with joint venture partners that will help you to grow your business.

Dov helps consultants and experts get ideal clients. Consistently.

For the millions who are not the charismatic guru-type - Dov helps them get great projects, with great clients, earning a great income.

He and his small team take a tactic-agnostic approach. They help you build a strong strategic foundation and to apply it to build a simple, client-getting system that is best for YOU.

You will learn:

  • Dov wanted to work with more entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and to grow that business he started looking for joint venture partners and build a big network through that
  • Why grow a business with the joint ventures
  • Some people are suitable for your joint venture network and some not
  • Have an idea and purpose for your joint venture network
  • The examples of how to grow a business using joint ventures online and offline
  • How to create a network of the joint venture partners to you can do businesses 
  • How to connect with people to invite them to be a part of your joint venture network
  • Connect and work with those who resonate with you and leave those who you think are not a good fit

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