37 minutes | Apr 13th 2020

How to Use LinkedIn Videos for Personal Branding with Frank B. Mengert | #153

Ep #153: Our today’s guest within about half of the year exponentially grew his personal brand on LinkedIn and as you will listen, you’ll know that he didn’t have any experience in doing that, had to overcome his anxiety of filming himself and learn the technical part.

It was challenging, but all manageable for a busy entrepreneur as he is and as you are. And in this conversation, we’ll cover all you need to start with and succeed in creating videos on LinkedIn.

In this episode, Frank Mengert shares how to use LinkedIn videos for personal branding.

Frank is a Founder & Creative Visionary @ ebm, a national HR technology firm. Every day he wakes up inspired to be the best version of himself - even if it is just small increments - by using three principles: LEARN, CREATE & SHARE. Learn something new, create something that didn't exist and share something with someone.

You will learn:

  • Frank lost his job so he decided to start his IT company
  • Gary Vaynerchuk who told him to start posting LinkedIn videos but it took Frank half of the year to actually to listen to this advice
  • How he overcame his anxiety of filming LinkedIn videos
  • What Frank posted in the beginning
  • Captions to the LinkedIn videos increased his reach by 3-4 times
  • An example of a video context where Frank got a high level of engagement
  • Frank's process of creating LinkedIn videos
  • What he uses for editing the videos and how he makes them eye-catchy
  • What time works well for posting LinkedIn videos
  • What Frank would do differently if he would start all over
  • What important metric to pay attention to when you post videos on LinkedIn
  • How to find people to engage with to grow your audience on LinkedIn

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