38 minutes | Mar 23rd 2020

How to Get Visibility for a Personal Brand with Kay Fabella | #150

Ep #150: We’ve talked about personal branding a lot, but here we’ll get focused on your strength that many people don’t pay much attention to. A story. Your story as an entrepreneur. The stories of your clients that you helped. 

And the message, or in other words the story, that you bring to others to serve more people. All of these is a powerful personal branding strategy that gets you more visibility.

In this episode, Kay Fabella shares how to get visibility for a personal brand.

Stories = visibility = diversity = equality — and it's Kay's mission to amplify the voices of leaders from underrepresented groups to build a more inclusive world.

Kay Fabella created a bilingual English/Spanish brand in 2014 that reached an audience in 27 countries, and led to media features in Fast Company, Thrive Global and Huffington Post. 

She now teaches her simple *three step visibility system* to minority entrepreneurs who want to learn to 400x their audience organically for more income and impact.

You will learn:

  • Kay started her business as a way to build a portfolio for a Masters degree, but she liked a freelance part of it and grew her business out of that
  • How sharing the stories helps you to get consistent visibility
  • The main story in the foundation of your personal brand is your personal story
  • How to pick the stories that will help you to develop your personal brand and will be a core message of how you position yourself
  • How to define what personal stories to share and how much to open up to people to show your vulnerability and what you went through
  • An example of crafting a personal branding story for a coach that helped people to escape 9 to 5 jobs to become an entrepreneur
  • How to share your stories to get more visibility for a personal brand
  • The places and sites that will help you to establish a personal brand (and you no need to be everywhere on social media for that)
  • The tactics to leverage Quora to build your expert status
  • How to build meaningful relationships that will help your business
  • What much time to spend on building your personal brand daily and how to manage it
  • How to start small even if you don’t have much time and resources and grow big

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