31 minutes | Jan 27th 2020

How to Create a Coaching Business that Allows Living an International Lifestyle with Yulia Tarbath | #142

Ep #142: Growing your following, buying online courses trying to implement what you learn, having someone to coach you, but not getting the result that you actually want can be frustrating.

So it was for our today’s guest. But she could manage that and drive all that experience into her passion that turned out into an online coaching business.

In this episode, Yulia Tarbath shares how to create a coaching business that allows living an international lifestyle.

Yulia is a business coach for health and wellness professionals.

She had built a successful six-figure business online and has lived an international lifestyle for 10 years, traveling to 30 countries, working online.

Her passion is helping coaches grow their business by developing and marketing their signature coaching offers.

You will learn:

  • Yulia was born in Russia but then moved to the UK where she was bullied at work. That led her to start a health coaching business
  • How after many failures in business she made it profitable
  • How to create a coaching business with the high ticket clients
  • The process from the free consultation to a paid client
  • How clients find Yulia in the first place
  • How to coach people online
  • Three steps that will help you to grow an international coaching business

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