32 minutes | Mar 30th 2020

How to Build Relationships on Instagram with Sue B. Zimmerman | #151

Ep #151: Having a bunch of followers doesn’t bring you clients. Posting consistently on Instagram doesn’t bring you clients either. While all those are good, the relationship with your followers is what will help you to grow your business and sell more.

As you know, people buy from those who they know, like and trust.

In this episode, Sue B. Zimmerman shares how to build relationships on Instagram.

A lifelong Entrepreneur with experience that led to privately coaching hundreds of business owners to find their own traction and success through online marketing and education.

You will learn:

  • Sue started her first million-dollar business at 22 and then built a few more and the key in all of them was the personal relationship that she built with people 
  • Communicate with people online as you do offline
  • How to build relationships on Instagram
  • The practical examples of how Sue build relationships with her Instagram followers
  • How to use direct messages on Instagram to build better relationships on Instagram
  • How you make people feel is the key to building relationship and community online
  • How to make online communication with people more personal
  • How to use mini-series in Stories to have better engagement with your Instagram followers
  • How to create an engaging content
  • How to use different types of content to build a strong presence on Instagram that your audience (and Instagram algorithm) with like
  • How Sue uses a branded hashtag to build a stronger community on Instagram
  • How Sue’s communication system looks like so she could keep up with the Instagram community, podcast interviews, speaking engagements, etc.
  • How Sue sells her service and courses
  • How to be strategic with your content on Instagram and constantly achieve your goals there 

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