37 minutes | Feb 3rd 2020

7 Strategies to Overcome a Fear of Public Speaking with Mike Acker | #143

Ep #143: The fear of public speaking is in the top three around the world. It looks like staying in front of the crowd sharing your message is so terrifying that a lot of people don’t get to the public speaking at all.

So you’re the lucky one because if you still have any doubts and fears left if you should do public speaking or not my prescription do it.

And today we will cover different kinds of fears of public speaking and how to overcome them so you can be more confident in it.

In this episode, Mike Acker shares 7 strategies to overcome a fear of public speaking.

Mike is a speaker, leadership coach, and bestselling author, with over 19 years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management. 

Mike was raised in Mexico and then moved back to the United States for college, where he was a nationally ranked debater. Now he uses his experiences to help others.

You will learn:

  • Mike started his coaching business as a side hustle that grew up into a profitable business
  • For each person, fear of public speaking can be different. Find your fear, why you’re afraid of public speaking and work on it
  • The fear of public speaking often comes from the past when someone made you feel embarrassed
  • Be over-prepared for the stage so when you get there you’ll be able to do your best
  • How it’s important to be ourselves
  • How to learn from other speakers and develop your unique character on stage
  • Get to know people before your speech so it won’t be a crowd of random people anymore, but you’ll know who you talk to
  • It’s not about you. People think about you on stage much less than you think they do
  • Be in the present moment for people when you are on stage. The fear often comes when you think too much about the feature or get stuck in the bad past
  • How to calm down to get rid of the fear of public speaking 5 minutes before you go to the stage when you have the most anxiety

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