39 minutes | Mar 11, 2019

How to Launch Any Product Using the "Lean Startup Method" with Kenn Kelly

Are you looking to launch a product or start a company? Ever wonder how tech startups develop and create products from the ground up? In this episode I interview Kenn Kelly, who shares his experience of creating a start-up company and launching products that satisfy customers needs.

Episode Featured Guest: Kenn Kelly

Kenn Kelly is the co-founder and head of operations of Never Settle, a web development company that creates WordPress plugins, apps, games and more. Kenn is an entrepreneur for both Fortune 100 and Silicone Valley Startups.

In This Podcast Episode You Will Learn:
  • How to launch a product using the Lean Startup Method
  • Why surveying your customers can give you solutions quickly
  • The #1 trait an entrepreneur needs to have when creating a product
  • Where to find your target market to get feedback about your product
  • How the company Never Settle created 12 products in 12 weeks
  • Why perfection can kill your product launch and company
  • How to develop ideas for your first product launch
Links and Resources Mentioned in the Show:
  • Odesk.com - Market place for freelancers recommended by Kenn
  • Elance.com - Market place for freelancers recommended by Kenn
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