37 minutes | Feb 28, 2019

MARKET CORNER CONVERSATIONS: Tomer Shoval, CEO & Founder, Simplee

Tomer Shoval, CEO & Founder of Simplee, discusses how his relentless focus on the customer created a payment platform for health systems that actually increases customer satisfaction and improves financial performance. In Episode 15, Tomer shares how his struggles to decipher family medical bills  collided with his background in digital commerce and caused him to create Simplee. Big data and user input drive Simplee to deliver consumer-friendly engagement and personalized paths to payment. By offering financial transparency and a tailored, self-service payment options, health systems see higher patient satisfaction, lower costs, and better payment rates. The customer rules! Tomer Shoval and David Johnson co-authored an article recently, called When the Price Is Right: Aligning Payment with Health System Transformation. Click to read it.  Click button below to listen on iTunes. (4sight Health podcasts are also available on Stitcher.)   The post MARKET CORNER CONVERSATIONS: Tomer Shoval, CEO & Founder, Simplee appeared first on 4sight Health.
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