34 minutes | Mar 13, 2018

Market Corner Conversations: Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips

Amy Compton-Phillips, M.D., joins David Johnson in Episode 5 of Market Corner Conversations. Amy is the executive vice president and chief clinical officer for Providence St. Joseph Health. She oversees Clinical Care for the system, focused on creating high-value health outcomes for every individual seen. Amy and Dave discuss how her journey from internist to chief quality officer at Permanente Federation, and her current role, have convinced her that platforming can be a successful business model for U.S. health systems. (4sight Health podcasts are also available on Stitcher.) August 23, 2018, Amy Compton-Phillips came to MATTER, Chicago’s healthcare incubator. She presented her perspective on platforming in the industry and at Providence St. Joseph Health, then David Johnson interviewed her, building from her presentation and audience questions. Watch the livestream here.   http://www.4sighthealth.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/4SH-005_-4SightHealth-Market-Corner-Conversations-Providence-St.-Joseph-Amy-Compton-Phillips.mp3 The post Market Corner Conversations: Dr. Amy Compton-Phillips appeared first on 4sight Health.
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