58 minutes | Feb 15th 2020

Mario & Chaos Podcast Episode 56 - Waffle House Sucks

Episode 56: On the Lawrence Taylor episode of The Mario & Chaos Podcast PAPW Senior Referee Bill Thompson talks about working for PAPW and traveling to Indiana with Mancini, Paul Roma and the rest of the boys. He also discusses The Zebras Of Justice and the top quality referees in the New England area. They also discuss the outcome of Power Play matches such as the two 8-man tag team matches, The return of former HOP member Dre, the Intercontinental and U.S. title matches and how PAPW Unchained is shaping up for Friday March 13. Chaos also plugs Chaos' Corner on The Dino Costa show and the next Friday Night Alley Fights on February 21st.
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