11 minutes | May 8, 2020

Interview: Actress Erin Gavin

Producer, Nina Boski interviews actress Erin Gavin who plays Marilyn Monroe. Erin was a child actress and then expanded into roles on the television series EastEnders, Still Game, and Footballers’ Wives, in addition to a role in the horror film Dread before moving from the UK to California. Since that time, she has had roles in films and television series including Junk, 1000 Ways To Die, Making Thirty, and The Love Addict. In 2014, Erin played the role of Marilyn Monroe in the stage play Marilyn: My Secret at the Macha Theatre in Hollywood, California. She also played Monroe in the television film Marilyn Monroe: The Last Investigation. Now she is taking on the role that was made for her, Marilyn: Behind the Icon.
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