21 minutes | Feb 28, 2021

Struggles… of a Small Business owner

SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS!  I want you to have a listen to my Pilot Episode of “Struggles…”, this one focusing on “Struggles of a small business owner.” I cover a number of topics and discuss my personal struggles in this first episode. Do you want to participate in these with me? Please weigh in; I’m very interested in your thinking as many levels of “small business” exist.  Thank you for taking the time to join me in this discussion! In This Episode: COVID: Year Two, Altruistic Endeavors, How 2020 Effected The Entertainment Industry, Are You Pivoting or Perishing? [Runtime: 21:17] Rating: TV-PG https://www.manoogianphotography.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/02/Struggles-of-a-Small-Business-Owner-EP001.mp3 Available on: Available on Roku – Manoogian Media RED Channel Available on Sno-Dawgg Radio – Friday’s at 6:00PM! Also available on: Stitcher, iTunes Podcasts, and Spotify Podcasts The post Struggles… of a Small Business owner appeared first on Manoogian Media.
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