28 minutes | Apr 11, 2021

169: Clint Pulver: Boost Employee Retention

Clint Pulver is an Emmy Award-winning, motivational keynote speaker, author, musician, and workforce expert. A Professional Drummer for over 20 years, he's played with top headlining fellow musicians in venues like the Vivint Arena, the Stadium of Fire, and the Kodak Theater in Hollywood. In 2010 he founded the UVU Drumline known as the Green Man Group, which he directed for six years and went on to direct the Drumline for the NBA’s Utah Jazz until 2015.Clint was featured in Business Q Magazine as one of their “Top 40 under 40” as a premiere Corporate Keynote Speaker. He has appeared on America’s Got Talent and in feature films with actors such as School of Rock's Jack Black and Napoleon Dynamite's John Heder. Known as the Leading Authority on Employee Retention, Clint helps organizations retain, engage, and inspire their team members from the front desk to the board rooms and everyone in between. He expertly helps audiences navigate generational complexities, communication challenges, leadership missteps, and cultural cues. As the president and founder of The Center for Employee Retention, Clint has transformed how corporations like Keller Williams, AT&T, and Hewlett Packard create lasting loyalty through his work and research as “The Undercover Millennial”. In this episode, Audrey, Lee and Clint discuss: ·      Undercover Millennial―What that is and how Clint shares insights gleaned from more than ten thousand undercover interviews with employees across the country,·      The best methods currently for identifying talent·      New tips on employee retention·      You’ll also learn the number one driver of employee turnover (spoiler: it has everything to do with you!), what you can do to stop an exodus·      His career as a professional rock drummer“It's not about being the best in the world, it's about being the best for the world." --Clint Pulver Join hosts Audrey Strong and C. Lee Smith every week as they dive into the aspects and concepts of good business management. From debunking sales myths to learning how to manage with and without measurements, you'll learn something new with every episode and will be able to implement positive change far beyond sales.  Connect with Clint PulverBook: https://www.amazon.com/Love-Here-Leaders-Create-Organizations/dp/1989603378/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=clint+pulver&qid=1617897283&sr=8-1 www.clintpulver.com https://www.linkedin.com/in/clintpulver/https://www.facebook.com/clint.pulver  Connect with Manage Smarter Hosts·         Website: ManageSmarter.com ·         LinkedIn: Audrey Strong                                                           ·         LinkedIn: C. Lee Smith  Connect with SalesFuel: ·         Website: http://salesfuel.com/ ·         Twitter: @SalesFuel ·         Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/salesfuel/  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices
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