14 minutes | Mar 14, 2021

Polite wedding invitation wording for the tricky stuff: kids, plus ones & social media. MMW 69

You’ve had a discussion with your partner and decided to have an adult only wedding with no plus ones. It’s very common these days. You’d also prefer no phones during the ceremony and want to be the first to share your moment on social media. Sounds great. But how do you tell your friends and family your expectations without offending them? Or have an awkward moment on your wedding day when plus ones and children arrive because they didn’t get the memo.Today, I’m sharing some wedding invitation wording suggestions and tips to navigate the murky waters of children, plus ones and all things technology at your wedding. I’ll chat through polite ways to communicate:If little ones are on the invitation listIf plus ones are on the invitation listWhether phones and photos are welcome during the ceremonyIf guests can post photos on social mediaWithout ruining friendships or destroying your sanity.Hey, I know we are human and we care about how other people feel. We want people to be happy. But this is your wedding. Here at Manage My Wedding, we support you to make the right decisions for you. It’s your day. Do it your way. People will understand.Exciting news: remember we have downloadable bundles and checklists coming for people without IOS devices. Only two weeks away now. It’s so exciting. Android users can access our wedding planning tools as well. Get on the list and be the first to receive news when they arrive. Head to www.managemywedding.com and download the free wedding planning e-book. (It will come in handy). If you have found today's podcast useful, we would love to hear from you. Simply leave a review in Apple's Podcast App. You'll automatically go in the draw to win a bridal pack full of wedding day goodies to the value of $100. Leave reviews on the Manage My Wedding App and our Facebook Page as well and receive three entries. A triple chance of being the lucky winner of the month.Your resources:Manage My Wedding App Download Manage My Wedding StoreManage My Wedding InstagramManage My Wedding FacebookManage My Wedding PinterestRecommended Podcasts:Episode 3: Kids or no kids at your wedding? What you need to consider.Episode 52: You're Invited! Five Tips For Everything InvitesDid you like the episode? Subscribe to The Manage My Wedding Podcast for your weekly wedding inspiration. You'll never miss an episode. We would love for you to rate this podcast on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher and share it with family and friends on social media. Give us a tag. We love to hear from you. Happy planning xxx
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