24 minutes | Aug 13, 2021

The Worthy Path to Freedom You Wont Want to Take (DQ Solo)

#259 Join the Facebook Group for Men: https://www.facebook.com/groups/TheGreatManWithin Download our Free Resources (recommended book lists, meditations etc): https://www.dominickq.com/resources/ Inquire about the Great Man Mastermind: Hello@DominickQ.com   -----------------------------------   When I ask men what their top values are, “Freedom” almost always shoots to the top.   Freedom to live your life how you want. Freedom from financial constraints. Freedom to pursue your passion.   And yet there’s a freedom that rarely, if ever, gets named:   Freedom to feel great in your inner world, regardless of the external circumstances.   This is a freedom only the enlightened few have achieved.   Some of them, like Michael Singer (of Untethered Soul fame) have shown the path to this type of inner freedom.   Some might call it the “worthiest path” to freedom.   Yet very few ever choose to walk this path.   In today’s solo episode, I’ll share with you why I’m choosing to walk this path… …and invite you to come along.   Resources:   Living from a Place of Surrender by Michael Singer
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