22 minutes | Jul 30, 2021

5 Questions to Upgrade the Content You're Consuming (DQ Solo)


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If you’re going to spend 20-50 hours per week consuming content (which is a significant percentage of your waking hours)…


…then you better not be drifting with why, how and what content you’re consuming.


But chances are…


  • You’re consuming too much content
  • You’re not retaining enough of what you’re consuming
  • You’re not seeking diverse enough sources of content
  • You’re not creating enough with what you’re learning


Today we dive into 5 questions you should regularly be asking yourself about the content you’re consuming.


The 5 Questions:


  1. How much time do I spend per week consuming content?
  2. Am I procrastinating?
  3. What’s my retention strategy for all this content I’m creating?
  4. Do all the authors/creators of the content I’m consuming look like me?
  5. Are my social media feeds consciously curated?


Bonus Question: If I were to repurpose just 1 hour of consumption per week, and turned it into 1 hour of creation, what would I create…and what impact might that have on my life?

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