71 minutes | Sep 23, 2021

TikTok in the Dance World - Featuring Kausha Campbell & Nick Silverio

Guests - Kausha Campbell and Nick SilverioHosted By - Courtney Ortiz and Lesley MealorIn Episode 70 of Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast, the TikTok phenomenon is the name of the game! Joined by TikTok sensations Kausha Campbell and Nick Silverio, Courtney and Lesley chat about how these two former competitive dancers transitioned into the world of social media!Topics Include: The early days of dance for Kausha and Nick Their TikTok origin stories How being TikTokkers has changed their lives The benefits and detriments of so much social media influence on dancersIf you love Making The Impact and want to support our podcast, buy us a coffee now on Ko-Fi! Your donation will go directly towards helping create quality content for future episodes. We appreciate your support! ❤️Follow your Hosts & Guests!Courtney Ortiz - @courtney.ortizLesley Mealor - @miss.lesley.danceKausha Campbell - @kausha_campbell Nick Silverio - @nicksilveriooCheck out our guest’s current projects! Join the Artswrk community, the peer-to-peer professional network for artists!Check out some of the videos we watched in the episode! Kausha's First TikTokKausha's Shuffle SwapCarl's Jr. BLT RanchNick's First TikTokNick's 5 Least Favorite Dance Competition MovesEmcee Announcing Next CategoryThis episode is sponsored by:Thrive Dance Experience offers one-day convention events in PA, NC, OH and NJ! Registration for their fall events is now open! Use code: THRIVEWITHIDA for 5% off your registration!Check out IDA Affiliated Competition Gems Dance Competition!View their 2022 tour dates and register now!Join our NEW Facebook Group and connect with us! Making The Impact - A Dance Competition Podcast Community Leave us a review on Apple Podcasts! We would love to hear from you! Join our Newsletter for weekly episode releases straight to your inbox! Follow Impact Dance Adjudicators on social media @impactdanceadjudicators and for a list of affiliated Thrive Dance Experience An education-first dance convention! Register now for Fall Conventions!Gems Dance Competition IDA Affiliated Competition! Register for 2022 Events now!Support the show (http://www.ko-fi.com/makingtheimpact)
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