83 minutes | May 17, 2021

Interview: Allison Fedirka

Geopolitical analyst Allison Fedirka explains what made some countries socioeconomic success stories, where the next emerging market stars may be, and whether a decentralized international balance is in our future.

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----EPISODE #74 TOPICS----
01:10 Allison Fedirka, director of analysis for Geopolitical Futures (and polyglot!) as guest.
06:18 Uruguay is the (very?) rare socioeconomic success story - how did they do it?
14:52 Chile is the (very?) rare socioeconomic success stories - how did they do it?
18:55 Where does long-term political stability emanate from?
23:46 Which country or region has the potential to be the next emerging market success story?
26:52 How does the trend of deglobalization factor into geopolitical analysis?
29:31 Which countries demonstrate and execute successfully on a long-term vision? How do they?
40:06 Was the conceit of post-Cold War Globalization that it was inevitable and an evolution?
45:23 The biggest danger to geopolitical strategists is to not forecast serious changes.
49:40 What does the next world order look like? What is the next geopolitical equilibrium?
55:01 Is a decentralized international order possible?
60:57 Does cryptocurrency fit into a geopolitical analysis? What's its presence in S. America?
66:37 Do either Argentina or Venezuela, once wealthy nations, hold lessons for rich countries?

Geopolitical Futures: https://geopoliticalfutures.com/welcome/

Allison Fedirka, director of analysis for Geopolitical Futures, with Jeff Snider, Head of Global Investment Research for Alhambra Investments, and Emil Kalinowski. Art by David Parkins. Podcast intro/outro is "Queen of the Night" by Andrés Cantú at Epidemic Sound.

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