26 minutes | Apr 16, 2020

Currency Hedging Amidst COVID 19 Market Turmoil - Putting the CFO's Liquidity Plans to the Test

Putting the CFO's Liquidity Plans to the TestWith the world thrown into a state of volatility and uncertainty, businesses are going to be looking at credit and cash requirements more than ever. The swift hit to the US economy from efforts to stop the coronavirus pandemic has created a crunch in the markets that threatens to throw us allback into the times of the 2008 crisis. Companies have rushed to raise cash by drawing down credit lines and other borrowing as they face a sudden shortfall in revenues.In this episode we talk about:The strength of the US Dollar today and tomorrowExplain what to expect from the market volatility and the ripple effect on the credit marketsCash is an issue. Credit is an issue. So, it’s important to take advantage of the strength of the USDHow to manage risk but stay flexible in keeping cash in the accounts while hedging for the short medium and long term
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