26 minutes | Nov 16th 2017

Could Savoring Be The Key To Happiness At Work? with Fred Bryant

Fred Bryant is Professor of Social Psychology at Loyola University in Chicago, where he teaches on Social Psychology, Personality Statistics, and Research Methods. Fred has won numerous teaching awards.  He has produced more than 200 professional publications in Psychology, has presented over 150 papers at professional conferences around the world, and given numerous invited addresses and workshops at many prominent universities.  Fred is best known for his work on savoring, on which he has conducted cross-cultural investigations in a variety of Eastern and Western cultures. 

In this discussion, you will hear Fred talk about the practice of savoring and the impact it has on your wellbeing.  Fred summarizes the research on savoring, the process by which savoring works, practical ways we can introduce more savoring into workplaces and cautions for where savoring may go wrong. He also explains why women are generally better at savoring than men!

Connect with Fred Bryant:

Website: bryant.socialpsychology.org

You’ll Learn:

  • [02:00] - Fred’s research shows that we don’t always make the most out of the positive experiences. He explains why this is the case. 
  • [03:34] - Fred shares what his studies show about the impact of savoring on our wellbeing.
  • [06:29] - Fred describes the benefits of savoring in the workplace.
  • [09:32] - Fred explains that if happiness and joy are outcomes, then savoring is the process through which they are achieved, and exactly how this process works.
  • [10:42] - Fred shares what it might look like if we apply this model of savoring to our everyday lives.
  • [12:23] - Savoring doesn’t need to just be about the present. Fred explains how time impacts our ability to savor through reminiscence.
  • [15:33] - Fred talks about the difference between savoring in the moment and mindfulness.
  • [18:09] - Fred shares what his research has shown about gender differences in savoring.
  • [20:46] - Celebrating success is a double-edged sword. Fred cautions avoiding excessive celebration.
  • [22:09] - The Lightning Round with Fred Bryant. 

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