35 minutes | Jun 11, 2014

025 Making My Own Music – I Love Pivvot

In this episode, I talk about a video game, Match Em that I designed, developed and published. I talk about my debut album, Major 7ths and Minor 9ths that I released on Bandcamp. I talk about how I put together and mastered the album. I also talk about my song "I Love Pivvot." In May I got a bit of a "coding bug" where I was really enjoying doing computer programming, and I created my own video game. It is called Match Em and you can play it at http://makingmyownmusic.com/match. At this time, my best score is 58.3. Can you beat it? I want to set up a "leaderboard" that captures everybody's best score. I am also going to try to make as iOS version for iPhone and iPad and may try to put it on the Apple Store. This is the game description: Match Em is a fun but somewhat frustrating game where all you have to do is find matching items. During gameplay, there are two rows of pictures and images. There are five pictures and three words in each row. The first row and second row will have exactly one item that matches. It might be two words, two pictures, or one word and one picture. Find the match, and click on one of the items. You must find 10 matches to complete the game. Find the matches as quickly as possible. There is a 3 second penalty for incorrect clicks. Click 'skip to the next one' if you just can't find the match and want to try again. There is a 1 second penalty for each one skipped. I released my debut album, Major 7ths and Minor 9ths, which is named after my two favorite chord types. I decided on the following song and song order: Rue's Whistle Follow The Advice Of Your Heart I Love Pivvot Escape! Pill Rise Above Revolution Fan Podcast Theme Fusion Sleepy Rondo Quest Elephant's Feet Summer Strut Funk (for solo piano) Tremble Late Day Storm Fountain Low Earth Orbit I talked about small mix changes I made to six of the songs. I talked about how I mastered the album, using Graham Cochrane's three-part series on mastering with stock plugins, EQ, compression and multi-band compression, and limiting. I got the stock plugins from Reaper which worked really well. I also got Voxengo SPAN spectrum equalizer. I talked about the Loudness Wars, and how much dynamic range the final album should have. A really good resource about this is Dynamic Range Day. I had to go through my process a couple of times, lessening the limiting until the dynamic range, according to the Offline TT Dynamic Range Meter was 10. I talked about the ref
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