35 minutes | Sep 26, 2014

001 IVGM – Ben Prunty, MilkyWay (Battle) – FTL

In this episode, I talk with Ben Prunty, the composer of the FTL soundtrack. We talk about his Battle version of his MilkyWay song. I also talk about the podcast name change from Making My Own Music and the change of focus. Originally this podcast was called "Making My Own Music" where each episode went into a song, mostly ones I composed. I talked about Rue's Whistle and episode 1 of MMOM where I talked about my musical background. I also mentioned episode 28 of MMOM where I talked about Molecular Music Box and a couple of solo piano songs I wrote using it. I talked about episode 27 of MMOM where I talked about RPSwipe, a mobile game that I wrote the music and sounds for, I also wrote my own game, Match Em which used a song called Rise Above that I talked about in episode 20. I also had some interviews, I interviewed Charlie McCarron in episode 22 and Joe Gilder in episode 23. In episode 24, I interviewed Whitaker Trebella about the music from his game Pivvot. In my interview with Ben Prunty, we cover the following: His background going to audio engineering school, recording and mixing rock bands “It takes ten years to make an overnight success” from his blog entry He started on Gravity Ghost in 2010, and it is not going to released until January 26th, 2015. Is it hard to have to wait so long for people to hear some of your music? The FTL soundtrack has sold over 100,000 copies. We talk about owning the soundtrack rights for indie games He mentions the hardware and software used to make FTL in a blog entry. He mentions Native Instrument Komplete 10 (affiliate link) that has over 12,000 sounds. How do you find the next patch to use when writing a song? He has a blog entry on an analysis of themes in the FTL soundtrack. What is the right amount of self-referencing material on a soundtrack? He's varied on Gravity Ghost, FTL and StarCrawlers coming out in November We talk a little about the effects processing in FTL I ask about programming drums. Does he think about whether it is playable by a human drummer I then play the Battle version of MilkyWay We talk about music theory study We talk about how he enters notes and quantizing/humanizing We talk about a separate mixing process he does when the recording of a soundtrack is complete His favorite games are EarthBound, System Shock 2, God Hand, Secret of Mana and Chrono Trigger. EarthBound and the first God of War are his favorite game soundtracks. You can find Ben Prunty on
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