22 minutes | Jun 5th 2020

9. Hiroki Kasai

He thought he was destined to be a dancer, but fell in love with the violin thanks to a fantastic teacher. Hiroki Kasai has another teacher to thank, though, for the most lasting impact on his approach to playing the violin - his current mentor, Rodney Friend, who encouraged him to use color to identify the notes he was playing.

Hear him perform the Largo and Allegro Assai movements from JS Bach’s Violin Sonata Number 3 in C Major, and watch video of him sharing an update on his life since the competition was postponed on our website at vpm.org/violin.

The 20-year old currently attends the Royal Conservatory of Music in London, England, and is a senior competitor in Menuhin Competition Richmond 2021. Visit vpm.org/menuhin for more information on the upcoming competition.