41 minutes | Sep 20, 2021

What To Do When You’re Doubting Your Teaching Approach - A Math Mentoring Moment

That there is Christa Amezcua from Mexico! Christa is a middle school teacher and comes on the show today to talk about what we should do when you’re doubting your teaching approach and strategies. We chat with Christa about a recent interaction she had with a colleague that left her feeling a bit inadequate and we help her focus her efforts so she can build her confidence so she can continue to Make Math MomentsThis is another Math Mentoring Moment episode where we talk with a member of the Math Moment Maker Community who is working through a common math class struggle. Together, we’ll brainstorm some possible next steps and strategies to overcome them. You’ll Learn: How to Convince Colleagues Making Math Moments is Worth it? Why having a partner to share your thinking is absolutely necessary. What data should we look at to feel confident with our teaching methods. Resources: Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework GuidebookProblem Based Lessons & Units of StudyThe Make Math Moments AcademyRight now the 2021 Make Math Moments Virtual Summit is Open For Registration! Learn the smartest ways to engage, reach, and strengthen your students in K-12 math classrooms.Participate in this 2-Day LIVE Event for FREE! Register: https://summit.makemathmoments.com 
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