48 minutes | Mar 8th 2021

Pre-Service Parallels: An Interview with Erica Heinzman

Erica Heinzman joins us to discuss important aspects of pre service programs for math educators. She highlights the importance of humanizing mathematics and how those big ideas help define how a teacher structures their classroom. Stick around while Erica helps you see the parallels of teaching pre service teachers and teaching our own students. You’ll Learn: How we can transform secondary mathematics classrooms to be a place of human endeavour and life-affirming; How teaching pre-service teachers is parallel to teaching students in math class; Why building and joining a community will change your career as an educator. Resources: Catalyzing Change in High School Mathematics [BOOK]Math Gals (Website)Mathematics for Human Flourishing [BOOK] Erica on Twitter: https://twitter.com/eheinzman1 
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