78 minutes | Jul 19, 2021

Morphing Your Assessment Practices - A Math Mentoring Moment

Today we speak with Nick Rhodes who has been teaching online in one of the largest cyber schools in America. Nick shares his story from transforming from a rock band front man to working in accounting to teaching math to being a founding member of our Make Math Moments Academy to becoming a rockstar online teacher! Nick wonders how to adjust his assessment practices so they line up with his problem based approach to teaching. This is another  Math Mentoring Moment episode where we talk with a member of the Math Moment Maker Community who is working through struggles and together we brainstorm possible next steps and strategies to overcome them. You’ll Learn: How to morph your existing assessment practices to align with problem-based teaching; How Desmos can be utilized when teaching solely online; How to choose technology to maximize learning; How to use observations, conversations and products to assess students; and, How can we use standards based grading when promoting growth. Resources: No Bikes Allowed! [Make Math Moments Problem Based Task] Are You Picky Enough? [Make Math Moments Online Course]Make Math Moments Online Workshop [12-Week, Self-Paced Online Course]Assessment For Growth - OPEN ACCESS TO MODULE 1 [Make Math Moments Online Course]The 3 Act Math Task Beginners GuideMake Math Moments 3-Part FrameworkA Hero’s Journey In Math Class
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