62 minutes | Jun 14, 2021

How To Remove Tracking From Your Math Program - An OAME 2021 Panel Discussion

Today we have a special treat for your ears! We recently held a live panel discussion at the annual OAME Conference (Ontario Association of Mathematics) on de-streaming the grade 9 math program here in Ontario with some pretty special guests! We were honoured to host Dr. Christine Suurtamm who is a Professor of Mathematics Education at the University of Ottawa, Hema Khodai, an Instructional Resource Teacher with Peel District School Board, Mark Chubb, a classroom teacher and past instructional coach, and finally Jason To who is a Coordinator for Secondary Mathematics and Academic Pathways with the TDSB. In this deep discussion we discuss the benefits of de-tracking or de-streaming as it helps to break down barriers that prevent marginalized students from an equal opportunity to succeed, thrive, and reach their full potential. You’ll Learn: What our panelists are looking forward to most for this first year of de-streamed grade 9 mathematics?Some of the common challenges educators are concerned about with the introduction of an untracked grade 9 mathematics curriculum.How we can work towards meeting the needs of all learners in a de-streamed program. What supports the Ministry of Education, districts, schools and other education stakeholders can put in place to support teachers in making this move forward.How we might shift our assessment and evaluation practices to better promote an assessment for learning culture.Resources: Make Math Moments 3-Part Framework GuidebookProblem Based Lessons & Units of StudyThe Make Math Moments Academy
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