51 minutes | Jul 27th 2020

#87 How To Teach My Class When Students Are Underprepared - A Math Mentoring Moment

In this episode we speak with Math Moment Maker Stephanie Moore from North Carolina. Stephanie is a college instructor recently became a Making Math Moments Certified Educator after enrolling in our Full Online Workshop. 

We chat with Stephanie about how to prepare students who are underprepared, how to handle lesson flops and what to do next, and what can you do when it seems everyone is struggling. 

This is another  Math Mentoring Moment episode where we talk with a member of the Math Moment Maker Community who is working through struggles and together we brainstorm possible next steps and strategies to overcome them. 

You’ll Learn: 

  • How to prepare students who are underprepared;
  • How to ensure we cover content when teaching with problem based lessons;
  • What to do after you have a big lesson flop;
  • What you can do to assess your students in replace of always testing;
  • How to look at your class when it seems everyone is struggling.