34 minutes | Apr 12th 2021

5 Reasons Your Students Give Up On Word Problems and How To Fix It

Do you find students give up too easily when working on math problems that are unfamiliar? Do you find yourself stuck pre-teaching concepts to students BEFORE they have a chance to truly engage in the problem solving process just so they can “get through the problem”? Our constant pre-teaching of concepts is just one of the reasons students struggle with word problems and throw their hands up in frustration.In this episode, you’ll learn 5 reasons students struggle with word problems and what we can do to overcome this common math class challenge including how we can engage our students by planning and delivering lessons that ditch the “I Do, We Do, You Do” model of instruction to teaching through rich tasks to leverage student curiosity and promote resilience through problem solving.What you’ll learn: Why pre-teaching prevents problem solving. How we can transform existing resources into engaging tasks.The teacher moves necessary to build resilient problem solvers. How to deliver problem based lessons so your students think! Where to find resources to make these changes. Resources:https://makemathmoments.com/webinar 
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