51 minutes | Nov 9th 2020

#102: How Do I Manage A Thinking Classroom During a Pandemic? [PART 2] A Math Mentoring Moment

Today we bring back Carmen Sinatra from Richmond Hill Ontario. Carmen is back in the classroom with COVID protocols firmly in place and shares what it has been like teaching from a distance online and preparing for the part of her schedule where she’ll be teaching from a distance face-to-face.

By sticking around you’ll hear us chat about two benefits of our new all-day math blocks and what we can do with senior students who typically learn abstract math concepts and how to spark their curiosity. 

This is another  Math Mentoring Moment episode where we talk with a member of the Math Moment Maker Community who is working through struggles and together we brainstorm possible next steps and strategies to overcome them. 

You’ll Learn: 

  • What we can do to spark curiosity with abstract math concepts. Especially in senior classes. 
  • Two benefits of our new all-day math blocks. 
  • Which activities best generate discussions in our senior classes.   


Fast Clapper [TASK]

Jumping Frogs [TASK]

Magic Rectangle [TASK]

www.wodb.ca [WEBSITE] 

Two Truths & One Lie [BLOG]