40 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Survivor Story: Inspiration Through Action with Chris Dittrich

Eryn and Mariah interview fellow survivor, Chris Dittrich, who suffered from a traumatic brain injury as a result of a car crash during his senior year of high school.  Early on, his family used a white board posted in his rehab room to post basic reminders (where you are, what happened, goal for day, etc) when memory is poor.  The most important message on that whiteboard: KEEP MOVING FORWARD! Chris credits his brain injury with teaching him to be open with everyone around him and comfortable approaching others for help. Chris teaches us that setting manageable goals and achieving them builds confidence. He uses videos on social media to be able to look back and see achievement.  Chris believes strongly in being an inspiration to others through actions- showing others that they too can make incredible progress and be a positive influence on others and the world.

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