50 minutes | Mar 1st 2021

State of the MHP Union with Mariah & Eryn

Every once in a while, we like to give y’all an update on how we are doing and what we are learning from hosting the Making Headway Podcast (MHP).  Listen today as we get real on everything from our mission, to our reflections on hosting, and all the positive takeaways we’ve learned along the way.    Topics covered today:Making Headway Podcast Mission:To share brain injury related information from multiple viewpoints without judgementWe want to make as many resources as possible available to survivors  so you know what your options are and can choose a recovery path that makes the most sense for you.To advocate for the brain injury communityMake our voices heardTo promote the open sharing of recovery journeys in the hope that it lends support to other survivors Every story comes with an epic tale.  Sharing stories is a source of inspiration and hope to keep moving forward.Reflections from doing the podcastProtecting ourselves from re-traumatization and getting stuck in our past selvesThe fine dance between telling your story, self awareness, recognizing your needs, and moving forwardThere’s no simple fix for brain injury recovery.  You have to make the decision and put in the work to move forward. Effects on parenting. Increased concussion awarenessBrain injury baggage- finding the positive.  Staying in the moment and stopping comparisons. I just am me! “You get what you get and don’t get upset.” (17:40)Just be where you are.  The pre-injury self is not the gold standard. BooksWhere is the Mango Princess?  by Cathy CrimminsHas been a really helpful book in moving forward about a person with brain injury and his caretakerThis is Your Brain on Food by Uma Naidoo, MDPositive things we’ve learnedEating well4 colors on the plate.  Frozen veggies really make this easyStir fries are easy ways to add more veggiesBowl full of blueberries always available to snack onYou can add a lot of veggies into chili and soupsThe Defined Dish by Alex Snodgrass, converts recipes to Whole 30, clean and healthy eatingEmbracing where I’m at.  Doing something positive just for me everyday.Love Your Brain YogaYoga nidraMeditation apps: Calm, Insight Timer, HeadspaceGetting back into exercise.  Working out now is more about what feels good rather than having lofty goals.  Working out without body shame and self-judgement. Inconsistency is ok.  Caution keeps you safe.  Fear keeps you from doing things.  You can’t “fix” it all at once.  Your reliance on the team and not trying to be everything. Recognizing your strengths and weaknesses; when to delegate and when to hang on.Stay in the moment.  Be real with who you are and let people know your strengths and weaknesses are.People pleasing: have had to stop filling the needs of others without ever filling yourself upMaking boundaries is like putting your airplane oxygen mask on first.  You can’t help someone else if you haven’t saved yourselfAllowing relationships to evolve, especially in families. I don’t need someone else telling me that what I am doing is ok.  I need to be ok with what I am doing. Enjoy the journey!  Support us:Leave us a review on Apple PodcastsFollow us on Instagram or Facebook: @makingheadwaypodcastFollow us on Twitter: @makingheadwaypo Use the links in our show notes if you’d like to buy products mentionedDonate, 10% of proceeds go to a brain injury group of our choiceShare our podcast with a friend Links to any resources mentionedWhere is the Mango Princess?  by Cathy CrimminsThis is Your Brain on Food by Uma Naidoo, MDThe Defined Dish by Alex SnodgrassLove Your Brain YogaMeditation apps: Calm, Insight Timer, HeadspaceHELP US SPREAD THE WORD! If you dug this episode head on over to Apple Podcasts and kindly leave us a rating, a review and subscribe!Ways to subscribe to the Making Headway Podcast:Click here to subscribe via Apple PodcastsClick here to subscribe via SpotifyClick here to subscribe via RSSYou can also subscribe via StitcherVisit the Making Headway Podcast website to learn more about Eryn and Mariah and our journey to podcasting.Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.As an Amazon Associate, Making Headway may earn from qualifying purchases via links provided.
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