34 minutes | Nov 30th 2020

Researching Brain Injuries with Paige Martin, Ph. D.

Mice. They aren’t just the scurrying creatures who’ve made a home in your attic.  Their contributions to the brain injury community are substantial.  In this episode, we learn how scientists research brain injuries and develop new therapies to prevent some of the devastating effects.  Listen to our talk with Paige Martin, Ph. D. in biomedical science who gives us an introduction into the research and genetics of brain injuries.  What goes on behind the scenes with brain injury research gives us hope for future treatments and lesser long term effects.    Topics covered in this episode:The relationship between head injury and neurodegenerative diseasesMouse models in the research of traumatic brain injury, diffuse axonal injuries, cerebral hemorrhages, strokesWhat do we learn from mouse model research?How the brain responds to injuryWhat biochemically needs to be turned on or off to promote healingTherapeutics that could be helpful for brain injury and healingGenetics and their role in the healing brain: personalized precision medicineGenetics and predicting the effects of brain injuriesTargeted therapies based on personalized geneticsCurrent research on brain injury Atorvastatin (Lipitor)Medicine to reverse short term memory deficits in concussions and repetitive head traumas
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