32 minutes | Jan 16, 2020

Little Mix

Gareth adds strings and piano to the theme tune, and Dan talks through track 6 to illustrate his mixing process. Next week's episode will mark the end of series 1 of Making A Soundtrack (booo). To celebrate we are going to the Royal Festival Hall (Central Bar) next Saturday 25th January from 6pm. Anyone and everyone is welcome, so come along and have a chat. All the details are on the website, and there's an event set up on our Facebook page if you'd like let us know you're coming. ___________Subscribe to the podcast wherever you listen to them. For more information visit www.makingasoundtrack.com Twitter: @mkgasoundtrack Instagram: @mkgasoundtrack Facebook: @mkgasoundtrack Making A Soundtrack is produced by The Sound Boutique for screenless.
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