49 minutes | Feb 23rd 2017

Ted Moores and Joan Barrett of Bear Mountain Boats

Ted Moores and Joan Barrett have been building boats for almost 45 years. At Bear Mountain Boats, Ted and Joan don’t just make canoes. They also help to popularize canoe building among hobbyists all over the world and sell kits to those who find it daunting to source their own material. Working together, Ted and Joan have become evangelists for wooden canoes, and have crossed paths with makers and builders all over the world — including Jimmy DiResta and Nick Offerman.

Ted and Joan have a lifetime of stories to share. Join us as we talk to Ted and Joan about:

  • How Ted became a maker and the “back to the land” movement
  • The evolution of Bear Mountain Boats
  • The history and legacy of wooden boats in Canada and worldwide
  • The writing of CanoeCraft and the filming of the DVD companion

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