51 minutes | Nov 1, 2020

This is MakeLifeClick

Tim Jameson and Emily Ansell talk about the background and vision for MakeLifeClick, with an invitation to step out and get involved.An introduction...MakeLifeClick is reimagining online community. It's a place of calm, away from the noise of the world and other social media sites.It’s a place to explore thoughts and questions about life that many of us rarely have time to think about, let alone discuss.Things such as purpose and belonging, of finding respite from the daily routine of life, and how we can have a more positive impact on the world and people around us.But, most of all, it's about finding peace-of-mind in an environment built upon trust, hope and an expectation that good things will happen.Get involved: www.makelife.clickLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/make-life-clickInstagram: instagram.com/makelife.click
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