41 minutes | Dec 12, 2020

The Power of Courage

Join Tim Jameson and Matt Fox as they explore the power of courage in our world today, including...Dad, partner and transformational coachHelping people discover their true sense of selfAn underlying tone of 'hope'Carrying pressure and shameSuffering in silenceFrom serious to fun and light-heartedA state of graceWorkaholism and the edge of burnoutAfraid of opening upThe earlier the betterAccepting all is not wellA powerful illusion?The true source of stressA progressive thingWho am I? A terrifying thought...A massive thawing outRecasting the meaning of successThought-created perceptual realityVictim to owner, reader to authorSomething bigger than usGetting curiousLiving with more love in our livesWhat do I want to create with my life?Discovering our true natureHow might your life be different…?More about MakeLifeClick...Get involved: www.makelife.clickLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/make-life-clickInstagram: instagram.com/makelife.click
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