53 minutes | Dec 5, 2020

The Power of Appreciation

Join Tim Jameson and Chris Turrell as they explore the power of appreciation in our world today, including...“Seeing what else is out there”A positive of this pandemicLet’s face it… it’s tough out there right now!Dialling out the noiseRealising it’s my responsibilityTurning the mirrorAn Ex-MarinePersonal Development, Career, Relationships & HealthGetting real about control‘Redundant’ vs. ’in transition’“My daughters”Establishing a weekly structureBeing presentPower of the ‘Ring doorbell’360 degree feedback - a new approach?Vulnerability as STRENGTHLegacy - finding your launchpadThe power of questions AKA ‘being curious’Joy at 90How might your life be different…?More about MakeLifeClick...Get involved: www.makelife.clickLinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/make-life-clickInstagram: instagram.com/makelife.click
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