49 minutes | Mar 10, 2021

" Don't Look for a Venture Capitalist, become one using VC 3.0" Vince Wicker, Patrick Tuttle and Ray Pepito give their Pitch about the coming New World economy built around Block-Chain, Smart Contracts and Crypto Currency.


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Bees,Social is a concept company designed to redesign venture capital into what they call venture capital 3.0.

This nascent company looks for projects in the a market place that are up and the company introducing new concepts and ideas that better humanity,

Venture Capital 3.0 is just such a company bringing a different form of funding to the market through digital currency,

Bees.Social takes its name from nature, observing how bees in nature work together, travel in swarms and create a sweet sticky substance known as honey which is enjoyed by bears and humans alike.

It is a group that ensures growth in groups that come together for the greater good.

The group looks for projects in the crypto space. The team recognizes that people need capital to grow.

Venture Capital 3.0 looks for projects in the cryptocurrency space because those projects need an audience in order to grow. Bees.Social is on their way to creating and growing the largest community of investors, interest groups and projects in the cryptocurrency space that develop markets that initialize from departments that are tech-centric.

What Bees.Social has found is that there exists communities interested in growing their capital or investing in projects with an affinity for social change, environmental change and what if these people could add value.

Similar to Make-Your-Pitch, those small businesses or company divisions present their ideas to Venture Capital 3.0 who will then decide if the presented project is investment relevant to expand what they do into the ecosystem of crypto investments that grow and pay a yield to the investor based upon growth over a finite period of time.

New people coming into Bees.Social will immediately sense the authenticity of professionals who want to help people take control of their financial lives. The tight-knit team communicates every day, analyzing markets, people, identifying projects of value, having conversations that have meaning because they are working with someone's capital.


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