34 minutes | Apr 15, 2021

Revealed: How to Embrace Gratitude after Grief and Loss with Jacqueline Steudler

Life has its way of challenging us in ways that can lead to incredible transformation. This week, I’m welcoming my good friend Jacqueline Steudler to the show. Jacqueline is an Art Therapist and Grief Coach. Since her mother's death in 2013, she has focused on helping women navigate the sometimes overwhelming feelings of grief by using her knowledge as an art therapist and training in grief recovery. She helps grieving women navigate their healing journey without leaving their loved one who has died behind by using art-making, mindfulness, and humor. Art-making is a tool that helps her clients find new expressions of their feelings when words are missing. 

In this episode, Jacqueline shares her journey with grief and how her journey has led her to become a creative art coach supporting others during their experiences of grief by using the power of gratitude and creativity.


[1:52] Jacqueline’s story from grief to healing

[10:28] Acknowledging grief to build resilience faster

[18:47] Getting unstuck from grief using creativity

[24:01] Becoming open to creative possibilities


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