31 minutes | Jun 24, 2021

Get Rid of Confusion in Your Closet and Overwhelm in Your Life with Jeannie Stith

Have you ever felt stressed looking at your closet not knowing what to wear? Or maybe you don’t even know what looks “good” anymore? Do you get frustrated when you decide to go shopping for new pieces and just don’t know where to start?This is the episode you’re not going to want to miss, my friends. My friend, Jeannie Stith (also known as The Color Guru!) has a colorful story to share with us about finding her true colors (both literally and figuratively)! You will hear how she was able to take her own experience with finding her colors and turn it into a thriving and impactful business too.Jeannie Stith is the founder and CEO of Color Guru, where she helps people look and feel amazing in their clothes by analyzing their hair, skin, and eyes to match them with their ideal color palette for clothing, makeup, and accessories.   I can’t wait for you to listen to this episode because you’ll learn more about Jeannie’s journey and how she obtained a new sense of confidence and love for helping others find the colors that make them shine inside and out.Timestamps: [2:21] - Colorful beginnings: The color analysis that started it all[4:47] - A modern approach to color[7:22] - From overwhelm and clutter to wardrobe peace[12:37] - How Jeannie made color consulting a business__________________________________________________________For more information on the Make Time for Success podcast, visit:https://www.maketimeforsuccesspodcast.comConnect with Us!Dr. Christine Li -Website: https://www.procrastinationcoach.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/procrastinationcoachInstagram: https://www.instagram.com/procrastinationcoach/Jeannie Stith -Website: www.yourcolorguru.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yourcolorguru/ Special Offer: Want to have more ease when selecting items to wear? I highly recommend pairing with Jeannie and her team and finding the colors that suit you best. Feel free to use my affiliate code SUCCESS10 for 10% all packages at www.yourcolorguru.com
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