32 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

9: Insert Motivational Motto Here

This week, Melissa and Taekia find their well of motivation for getting through the raggedy end of the year. A lot of our motivation comes from the amazing staff at Mischief. At this point in the year, we have to think about how to do work we really want to get done without being interrupted by all the other tasks that come up as a boss. For Mistakes in the News, we pondered Facebook’s decision to take away fact-checking from political ads. For our mistakes of the week, Melissa talks about not making assumptions, and Taekia got bogged down in an over-complicated email situation. For our self-care go-tos of the week, Melissa is a zen master and Taekia has a new method for how to stop a bathtub from draining prematurely.  Here’s the video of La Vie Bohème at LeakyCon Portland in 2013, which was supposed to be a joke but then it actually happened.  This episode is sponsored by the Book Riot Podcast. We’re huge fans of the Book Riot website as well for all of your book news. Finally, please send us your advice (newmistakespod@gmail.com) about how to keep your motivation going! We’ll feature them in a mailbag episode. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to tell us about your new mistakes! We’re actively looking for new questions, so please send us anything you’ve been wondering about to newmistakespod@gmail.com. Also, check out mischiefmedia.com for the rest of the podcasts in our network.
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