57 minutes | Aug 23, 2019

5: The Bro Mistake (or, "Zack with a K")

This week, on Make New Mistakes, we welcome our first guest into our little corner office: Amanda McLoughlin, business and digital media extraordinaire. We’ve known Amanda since the beginning of LeakyCon, so we all spend some time talking about building our small businesses out of early Internet communities. For our question of the week, we focus on when it’s time to cut off a business relationship, specifically with bros of a certain type. For Mistakes in the News, Melissa and Taekia talk through that unfortunate Microsoft leak. Finally, all of us give our self care go-tos of this week.  Amanda McLoughlin is the creator and CEO of Multitude, an independent podcast collective, consultancy, and production studio in NYC. You can find Amanda on her website, amandamcloughlin.com, and on Twitter to find out more about her work on the podcasts Join the Party, Spirits, and Waystation.  Follow us on Twitter and Instagram tell us about your new mistakes! Also, check out our website for links to Mistakes in the News. We’re actively looking for new questions, so please send us anything you’ve been wondering about to newmistakespod@gmail.com.   
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