65 minutes | Feb 24, 2020

11: Meet the Team (Part 2)

Melissa and Taekia are excited to present the second part of our meet the team special! This week, we introduce you to our directors of talent, operations, and programming. They talk about solving nearly impossible puzzles, how to handle big problems on site, and self care in times of stress.  As we said in the intro, we just wrapped one of our Mischief Management events, BroadwayCon! You can read about all the fun here and here from the New York Times (and maybe plan next year’s trip).  This episode is sponsored by Shaker & Spoon. Go to shakerandspoon.com/newmistakes for $20 off your first box!  If you listened and enjoyed, please tell one other person to listen to us and subscribe!  You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to tell us about your new mistakes! We’re actively looking for new questions, so please send us anything you’ve been wondering about to newmistakespod@gmail.com. Also, check out mischiefmedia.com for the rest of the podcasts in our network.
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