30 minutes | Jul 21st 2020

Why You Need to Consider Neurodiversity in Your Company Culture

Today we take the diversity angle a step further as we talk to Rachel-Morgan Trimmer a Neurodiversity Coach and Consultant who supports businesses in understanding neurodiversity and enabling them to build a more neurodiverse workforce.  Whether you’re completely new to the neurodiverse topic, or are aware of what it means, this episode is about enlightening more organisations to understand why it’s essential to start embracing the full spectrum of a neurodiverse workforce.

Discover more about Rachel's work through her website; https://sparkleclass.com/ 

Follow Rachel on Twitter; https://twitter.com/SparkleClass

Discover more about Lizzie at Liberty Mind; https://libertymind.co.uk/ 

Follow Lizzie on Twitter; https://twitter.com/Lizzie_LibertyM

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