28 minutes | Feb 10th 2020

Creating Great Culture in Co-Working Spaces

This week on Make it Thrive: The Company Culture podcast I talk to William Stokes, Co-Founder of Co-Space, a network of serviced office spaces across the UK. 

In today’s conversation we discuss the importance of an office environment, and what larger organisations can learn from the innovative spaces that are created by co-working groups. 

Will shares his experience of why co-working spaces can help businesses gain global talent, and why more organisations need to consider the importance of their space. 

You can find Will at; 

Website: www.williamstokes.co.uk

Twitter : @mrwilliamstokes

Instagram: @mrwilliamstokes

You can find Lizzie at; 

Website: www.libertymind.co.uk

Twitter: @Lizzie_LibertyM

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