40 minutes | Nov 23rd 2020

Are We Ready for the AI Revolution?

On this week’s episode I talk to Peter Scott about artificial intelligence and it’s impact on our workplaces.  Peter Scott helps people understand what artificial intelligence is and how it will affect them. He’s written a book, given TEDx talks, and given evidence before an All-Party Parliamentary Group in the House of Lords. He’s got a master’s degree in Computer Science from Cambridge University and for over 30 years has worked for the Jet Propulsion Laboratory’s to support NASA’s exploration of space. In this interview we talk about how the AI revolution could dehumanise or rehumanise our workplaces.  Crisis of Control by Peter Scott Available on Amazon  Watch Peter's TEDx Talk  Learn More About Peter's Work https://humancusp.com/ Follow Peter on Twitter https://twitter.com/peterjscott Listen to Peter's Podcast AI and You https://aiandyou.net/ ----- Get in touch with Lizzie about Make it Thrive  Visit Liberty Mind https://libertymind.co.uk/ Follow Lizzie on Twitter 
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