52 minutes | Apr 12, 2021

#S2 E7 : Columbus Is the 3rd Largest Fashion Capital in the Country, and Yohannan "Yogi" Terrell is Capitalizing on that with the Columbus Fashion Alliance to Make Our City Boom

Did you know Columbus, Ohio ranks third in its number of resident fashion designers, trailing only New York and LA, making it one of the largest, and most underestimated, fashion capitals in the entire country?On today's episode we're sitting down with Yohannan, or Yogi, Terrell to share his insights, and innovations, on why, and how that is happening and what it means for our city.Yogi was JUST named one of the 2021 Future 50 by USA Today, in addition to running the branding firm Warhol and Wall St, and now leading overall strategy for the Columbus Fashion Alliance.Why should anyone care outside of the industry? The Columbus Fashion Alliance's goals, and success, for the next 5 years will change the landscape of our cities, positively impacting the job market, local economy, hospitality, and of course, the demand for more housing.Yogi shares sneak peek inside information on where fashion in Columbus is going, how the Fashion Alliance plans to get there, and the future growth that is the best that yet to come for our incredible city.  | 
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