40 minutes | Mar 29, 2021

#S2 E6: What is the Future of the Physical Space? with JLL Managing Director Clayton Davis

Post pandemic reentry is becoming a realistic reality for the very near future - so what does that mean for now, and for what’s next?What IS the future of our space?JLL Managing Director Clayton Davis + M+A Director of ExperientialAlicia Huber join us on the podcast to discuss what to do with, and what to expect from, offices, stores, and more, and how to position your space to serve you for success.JLL is a world leader in real estate services, helping their clients create rewarding opportunities and amazing spaces around the globe so people can achieve their ambitions. Clayton’s role at JLL encompasses strategic planning and account management for a wide variety of national and international corporate real estate users by providing innovative, scalable, and comprehensive solutions.Alicia’s background in Experiential Design is built to make experiences meaningful, through the creation of multi-sensory design that communicates brands in space starts by collaborating with clients to understand their story and message, and then bringing it to life in a meaningful way. With past projects, such as White Castle Corporate HQ’s where she helped bring to life their legendary craver throne, and a host of others such as Danis Construction, Burgess and Niple’s home office, and the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’s Retail Summit, Alicia continues to set the bar for how experiential design can connect with human behaviors and needs to leave lasting impressions.Listen and learn from these experts about the future of our space - and how you can stay a step ahead.
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